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1ZPresso — J-Max S

EUR 198

Espresso focussed hand grinder, also suitable for filtercoffee




1Zpresso (pronounced easypresso) specialises in making premium manual coffee grinders, they develop the entire grinder from design to assembly.

The 1Zpresso J-Max S Manual Grinder is here to elevate your coffee game and take it to the next level. This is the finest espresso grinder you can ever have.

Crafted with a titanium-coated burr of 48mm, this grinder is designed to deliver the most precise and uniform grind every time. It has a unique external adjustment system that allows you to fine-tune your grind with 9 numbers and 90 clicks per rotation, with each click making a minuscule adjustment of 8.8 microns. This level of precision is unparalleled in the world of manual grinders, making it the perfect choice for true espresso lovers.

The J-Max’s extended handle and enlarged burr allow for faster grinding that is less laborious, so you can enjoy your perfect espresso in no time. In just 50 seconds, you can grind 18g of espresso coffee!

This grinder is also equipped with a large-capacity magnetic catch-cup that can hold up to 35-40g of coffee grounds. With its easy-to-remove design, you can quickly empty your catch-cup and move on to your next brew.

The J-Max comes with a handy Cylinder Case that allows you to take your grinder wherever you go. Brew high-quality coffee anytime, anywhere with this portable and reliable grinder.

Experience the perfect espresso with the 1Zpresso J-Max S Grinder, and take your coffee journey to new heights!

Product includes
  1. 1Zpresso J-Max Manual Coffee Grinder (Iron Grey)
  2. Cleaning brush
  3. Cleaning blower
  4. 1Zpresso Cylinder Case
Main Features
  • Titanium-Coated Burr 48mm
  • Extremely precise grind setting (0.0088mm between each click)
  • Grinding is faster and less laborious
  • Perfect external adjustment dial ring
  • Large-capacity magnetic catch-cup (35-40g)
  • Suitable for both Espresso and Filter coffee
  • Recommended for espresso lovers
  • One year warranty included

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J-Max S


Iron grey


0mm-heptagonal stainless steel burr


2 year

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