BWT — Penguin water filter carafe

EUR 35

Use the same magnesium enhancing water-filtration as the barista’s at the World Barista Championships

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A cup of coffee consists of over 98% water, so it is important to brew coffee with the right water. Every mineral found in water has its function during coffee extraction.

This BWT Penguin ensures that all nasties such as heavy metals etc. are filtered out of the water, and that the good minerals remain and/or are actively added by BWT’s unique filter. This filter system has the patented feature of adding magnesium to the water, which can ensure your espresso gets a delicious crema.

The BWT Penguin has a volume of 1.5 litres of filtered water and stands out with an attractive Red Dot award-winning design with an ergonomically optimal shape.
The BWT Penguin is BPA-free and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher (except the lid with electronic display). In addition, thanks to the practical filling valve, the table water filter can be filled effortlessly and without mess. The electronic replacement indicator reminds you of the best time to change the cartridge. So you always have the tastiest water!

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