Gaggia — 9 Bar OPV Spring


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The Gaggia Classic packs a real punch for a budget home espresso machine. There is no other machine at the price point that will perform quite as well. Nevertheless, the Gaggia Classic’s punch can sometimes be more than you’re looking for, as out of the box, the pressure at the group head is around 15 bar which is too much for brewing well balanced espresso.

If you want to really perfect your espresso extractions, then dialling down your Gaggia Classic’s pressure at the group head to 9-bar should be helpful. Thankfully this is a relatively easy thing to do by replacing the factory-fitted OPV spring with this slightly modified one.

This is a relatively easy modification to make, but it will invalidate your Gaggia Classic Pro warranty if it is a new machine and you perform the modification yourself. As such, we are happy to perform the installation for you.  If we make the modification, your warranty will still apply.

9-Bar OPV Spring features & specifications

  • Designed for the Gaggia Classic Pro
  • Adjusts group head pressure to industry-standard 8/9-bar*
  • Easy to install
  • Installing yourself invalidates your warranty; letting us install keeps your warranty intact

*Bar rating might differ from spring to spring




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