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Profitec — Pro 300

EUR 1599

The Pro 300 might be everything you need, with it’s compact boxy design, dual boiler and quick (<10 min) warm up time.

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The Pro 300 might be everything you need, with it’s compact boxy design, dual boiler and quick (<10 min) warm up time. This machine is built for those who want to differentiate from all those E61 machines. Ultimate temperature stability and control with it’s PID controller which also counts your shots while brewing to keep everything consistent and in control.

What is the difference between HX and dual boiler?
Exploring espresso machines? Understanding the difference between Heat Exchanger (HX) and Dual Boiler models is crucial. HX machines utilise a single boiler with a heat exchanger, while Dual Boiler machines boast two separate boilers. Let’s dive into the nuances to help you make an informed choice for your espresso journey.

HX (Heat Exchanger) Espresso Machine

  • Single boiler that performs both brewing and steaming tasks.
  • Simultaneous brewing and steaming
  • Uses a heat exchanger to separate brewing and steaming temperatures.
  • Requires a cooling flush to stabilise brewing temperature.

Dual Boiler Espresso Machine:

  • Two separate boilers for brewing and steaming functions.
  • Simultaneous brewing and steaming without temperature fluctuations.
  • Offers precise control over each boiler’s temperature.

Features of the Pro 300

  • Dual boiler
  • Saturated brew group
  • PID control
  • Insulated “cold touch” steam wand and hot water tap with rotary valves
  • 2.8L water tank
  • Stainless steel body
  • Quiet vibration pump

Everything broken down:

Dual boiler – ultimate temperature control

A dual boiler gives ultimate temperature stability, since you have two boilers, one for only brewing coffee, the other for steaming and hot water. The big advantage is that you don’t need to do a ‘cooling flush’ which you do have to do when you have a Heat Exchanger espresso machine.

Saturated brew group

The Pro 300 comes with it’s 0.4L boiler mounted right on top of the brew group. This means no temperature gets ‘lost’. Also this relatively small boiler heats up way quicker then any E61 can. One downside of this brew group is that you cannot do any flow profiling while brewing.

Insulated “cold touch” steam wand and hot water tap

Cold-touch wands empower you to concentrate fully on frothing milk, eliminating concerns about accidental burns. The incorporation of an isolating tube within a double wall of stainless steel not only enhances safety but also elevates every interaction you have with the machine.

2.8L watertank

The Pro 300 comes with a massive 2.8l water tank, ensuring you can brew many shots of coffee before running to the tap to refill the tank. Also you can choose for the direct water supply which means you don’t have to (re)fill the water tank. We recommend to outfit your machine with a (BWT) water filtration system for better tasting shots and improved machine longevity.

Is this the espresso machine for you?
If you’re in the market for a compact quick heatup dual boiler espresso machine with tremendous performance then this Pro 300 must be on your shortlist! If you’re looking for the famous E61 brew group, the Profitec Pro 600 might be the one you’re looking for. If don’t really know what kind of machine you’re looking for, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help you out :]

In the market for a full espresso setup: machine and grinder combo?
At FREKKO, we’re committed to finding your ideal coffee setup at the best price. When buying an espresso machine, pair it with a top-notch grinder. Many overlook the impact of a bad grinder or pre-ground coffee on coffee quality. Explore our coffee setup customiser or contact us via WhatsApp, email, or phone for an even better deal!






Brew boiler temperature adjustment, Eco mode, Maintenance reminder, Shot timer, Steam boiler temperature adjustment, Turn off steam boiler


Dual boiler


Fixed water connection, Water tank


Vibration pump


Saturated group


Matte Black




Blind filter, Cleaning brush, Double spout portafilter, Filterbasket one cup, Filterbasket two cup, Filters, Fixed water kit, Machine, Manual, Single spout portafilter, Tamper, Water tank


25,5 cm wide, 41,5 cm without portafilter (with portafilter 47,5 cm) deep, height: 38,5 cm




2 year

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